Getting funding with or without the help of industry insiders.

Planning and strategy

Independents we’ve spoken to that have gotten funding or their projects produced stated, after months of contacting agencies and companies with no success, they partnered with friends, other industry individuals and/or retained individuals that had the knowledge, resources and access to investors and industry executives to help them.

The independents above agreed that the industry has made it more challenging than ever to get their projects produced based on the rules the industry has put in place. However they also agreed, technology provides a number of options for independents to compete for getting their projects produced, distributed and to build an audience.

 Below are some suggestions provided by independents who got funding or a TV project(s) licensed/sent to series by the network.


First step and additional steps to consider:

  • First: keep in mind you are asking for money; sometimes millions of dollars to make a movie… therefore this is a business transaction, they will want to see more than your script, there are no short cuts and it will take time.
  • Second: it is highly recommended you have an experienced producer or production company supporting you … For those that are searching for a Production Company to help them; this is one of the best options to have, but also one of the  most challenging options to secure. But if you’re able to get past the gate keeper, speak to the EP about how you’re open to co-producing and sharing in the responsibility of developing and marketing your project. Keep in mind; given the obligations to their own projects and possibly other industry clients they have; they’re probably not willing to option or divert time and resources to a project they are not co-producing or are retained to work on.
  • Third: create a plan that promotes and markets your project. Studios, networks and  agencies have staff devoted to tracking books with high volume sales, online marketing data from YouTube and Social Media sites to identify projects with high traffic numbers. This data alone will not convince investors, Production Companies or industry executives to fund or license your project, but it might get their attention and open the door to discussing possible steps going forward.
  • Fourth: Keep all options open. Cable stations (HBO, Showtime, Netflix etc…) are funding feature films and TV series for broadcast. You may have to revise the script and budget to meet their programming needs, but it’s an option to consider.

Having spoken with investors and industry executives regarding a variety of genres with low and high budgets; visit this link for what should be in your Producer’s Package and  a list of some of the questions asked of us and other executive producers by investors and network  executives:

For assistance with creating your producer’s package, contact us for more information – BSIMCG
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7 Responses to Getting funding with or without the help of industry insiders.

  1. An unfair Policy
    I am the author and Creator of the Coconut family Character, and I have self published 2 books.My first book is a hard cover by the title ” Meeting The Coconut Family” I also have a theme song-demo CD, with Catchy lyrics and music that goes perfect with the story, I have appeared as a guest-on numerous “Television Shows” including Good Day New York, with Gordon Elliot, as well as on the -Joe Franklin show, when he was on television. As you may know the books and film industries are human-connection business and agents have for long an unfair policy, also I have come to find out that other-Film companies have been practicing same unfair policy, that they have A strict policy of not accepting unsolicited-material and cannot accept your submission, Now here where I find it so unfair even after I have explain that all legal-requirements pertaining to the Coconut Family and both my books have been CopyRighted ® completed, and also after I have given them my attorney’s -telephone number. all they should have done is check me out before making their decision. I believe that policy is to keep-good story and movies from being made all in THE NAME OF GREED by huge film companies. I hope that this policy would change so to give new writer better chance.I believe, that if you wish for some support,

    we should go by biblical saying, do onto others,
    as you will like them do on to you

    Yours Truly,
    Clodomiro Giraud Jr.

  2. Claude Gilbert Gagne says:

    What can you tell me about my situation? I wrote a novel nine years ago and decided to adapt it to a screenplay. After the script was done I wrote more. Then after no results trying to get my scripts optioned, I resurrected my novel and had it self-published. You say I need help, what would you suggest? Thanks for the heads up.

    Claude Gagne

    • Hi Claude,

      Without having read your script or your book makes it difficult for me to comment on what specific assistance you may need; if any.

      Therefore I will comment on some of the more typical challenges authors and independents have encountered when trying to market their script or book.


      In today’s industry it is extremely difficult to option a script. Production Companies, studios and networks literally have tens of thousands of scripts and according to every writer; they’re all “unique and guaranteed box office hits.” This does not include the number of scripts being submitted every day.

      Although there are a few production companies that may option a script, in most instances and just like networks and studios; they do not take unsolicited scripts.

      The good news is; as a result of the studios and networks changing how they do business with independents; independents now have more control over their projects being developed and produced.

      The bad news is: once developed you must also have the access and ability to fund, produce and/or submit it to investors, studios and networks for funding, licensing or acquisition.

      Going forward: with knowledge of the business side of the industry and ability to develop your project; investors, networks and industry executives will be more open to accepting your project for consideration.


      The challenge for authors start with identifying their market and making sure the manuscript is written to appeal to their interest. Editing and marketing are also major factors that will help ensure their book reaches the targeted market.

      Without more information about your property, this is the best response I have. If you have tried all of the above suggestions, then another option is to evaluate if your project has a market for it.

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